hotos:  Kathleen Martel and Virginia Lam                                      .

For nearly 30 years, Young Voices Toronto (formerly High Park Choirs) has been supporting children with a passionate, professional, and unique choral program for them to develop their musical abilities- all while promoting inclusiveness, joy, teamwork, leadership, cultural diversity and friendship. Led by Artistic Director, Zimfira Poloz, we are creating a vibrant and unique artistic community that develops confident and caring young people.

Why Sing With Us?

 “… I have seen many choirs and choir directors in many countries, and I will stand on your coffee table in my dress shoes and say that what is happening with Zimfira Poloz is something special, something gorgeous, and anybody who supports what is happening will be well, well rewarded.”
  – Stephen Hatfield, acclaimed Canadian choral composer

 Young Voices Toronto is a not-for-profit organization.